Palos Garza is a Socially Responsible company that contributes in an active and voluntary manner to improve the social, economic and environmental surroundings of the community, with the purpose of enhancing its competitive status and added value.

It is also established the joint committee of the Environment, Security, Health, Hygiene and Social Responsibility (MASHYRS), whose purpose is mainly to document and continue the business culture that it has been developed throughout the years at Palos Garza.

Palos Garza works in increasing the quality of life of its employees by building business ethics with outreach and linked to the community, creating therefore a value chain. We are convinced that our main resource is our people and we show it by promoting a healthy work environment, developing leadership on a personal and professional level, respecting and enforcing to respect human rights and discipline any discrimination or harassment act that might take place.

We strongly believe that healthy competition among coworkers is a way to grow personally and professionally; consequently this it shall not be in detriment of the spirit of collaboration or affect the results of the organization or the relations among the staff of all our departments.

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