Palos Garza provides, thanks to its American carriers Lincoln Freight Company, LLC; and Indiana Transport, LLC; an extensive array of services with coverage in United States for handling dry cargo.

The best transportation solutions by covering 48 states of United States and providing you with: :

  • Highly trained drivers
  • Timely follow-up of your shipments
  • Secured cargo
  • Competitive rates
  • All our equipment, tractors as well as trailers have satellite tracking systems, which allows us to have constant monitoring and follow-up of your shipment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Business alliances with Mexican carriers in order to provide Door-to-Door services.
Contact:  Lincoln Freight Company, LLC
Telephone:  (956) 523-7290 
E-mail:    magaly@lincoln-freight.com
Contact:  Indiana Transport, LLC
Telephone:  (956) 523-7290 
E-mail:    arturog@palosgarza.com